About Me

I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur and student currently located in Bloomington, Indiana. Aside from studying Marketing in the Kelley School of Business and Documentary Filmmaking in the Media School, I am the owner of a screen printing company and a freelance designer.

Some of my other ventures include a retail store in downtown Bloomington (located at 211 N. Walnut),  a seasonal storage company, and a company that sold boxer shorts with pockets. I also have a children’s book about entrepreneurship in the works, along with many other exciting projects.

I have always loved art, and in my free time I still enjoy painting and other creative projects. Eventually I realized that I didn’t need to keep my personal interest in art separate from from my professional career. Instead of using a paintbrush and canvas, I decided that I would use the business world as a platform for creative and artistic expression. I also care deeply about social issues and want to leverage my opportunities into creating a lasting positive impact in whatever capacity possible.

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